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Classroom rules

  1. No food, beverages or gum in this room.
  2. Stay in your assigned seat with all 4 legs of the chair touching the ground, unless given permission to move.
  3. Do not look at or touch anything in my work areas (the front table and area around my desk).
  4. Do not disrupt lectures.
  5. Respect your classmates right to an education. You are not permitted to do anything that would hinder a student's ability to learn.

Technology Rules

  1. Any damage to a computer will result in an immediate office referral.
  2. These computers are for educational purposes only. The Internet may only be used when I give permission. Personal technology should only be used when given permission
  3. When using the Internet, do not access Chat rooms, Bulletin boards, instant messenger or E-mail.
  4. Be sure to log out when leaving a computer.
  5. Any student accessing inappropriate sites, or attempting to download any program will be referred to the office.
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